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I myself Dr. Rajesh Jain – Electro Homeopath

It’s been 20 years that I’m doing research on soul energy and trying to bring it to use in material science as other energy.


Everything in the universe is nothing more than energy. That is, at the very core of its being, everything is vibrating to a certain frequency, which has some numerical value and that can be measured to use in different fields.


  1. To know the very cause of endocrine disease not cured for the lifetime. 
  2. To make the body free of genetic poison which is the only cause of our disease.
  3. To use this subtlest form of energy in different fields like the selection of high genetic value seeds to yield maximum out of minimum.
  4. To use this energy in selecting your profession, your career, life partner, your house, etc

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Mr. Rajesh Jain

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Thyroid and Diabetes 100% curable

Curing process without any medication only by natural energies water.

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